Bola Tin

Bola Tin

Bola Tin

In Malay, "bola" means "ball". Basically, it is a game using a ball to knock down a stack of tins that are arranged in a pyramid.

Method of Play

1. Empty tins of similar size are stacked up to form a pyramid.

2. Players are divided into two teams, e.g. A & B teams. The teams decide which team destroys the pyramid and which to rebuild it.

3. A line is drawn about 10 steps away from the pyramid. Assuming Team A destroys and Team B rebuilds, members of Team A will position themselves behind this line to begin their throws. Team B stands anywhere behind the tin pyramid.

4. Using a ball, each member of Team A is allowed two throws to destroy the tin pyramid. If he fails, the next member of the team gets into position to throw.

5. If Team A knocks down all the tins, both teams will rush for the ball. If a member of Team B gets the ball, he will throw it as far as possible so that his team members will have the time to rebuild the pyramid. If a member of Team A gets the ball, he will try to hit members of Team B or the tin pyramid. Any member of Team B who is hit before the pyramid is rebuilt, is considered "dead" and out of the game.

6. If the pyramid is completed before all the members of Team B are knocked out, Team B wins and the teams change sides.

However, if players of Team B are knocked out before the tin pyramid is completed, Team A wins and the game starts all over again.

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